A Random Act of Avocado

On the sidewalk, just outside the entrance to Chipotle, lay one lonely avocado. Split open, oozing a bit of green, it seemed to beckon more than just a side-eye glance or ignorant shrug. It seemed to be staring at me, looking for an answer, this piece of food strewn by the wayside.

On the busy sidewalk, this early in the morning, pedestrians hustled to and fro many possible destinations: a coffee shop, a cafe, a dry-cleaner, and because this is Colorado, a pot shop neatly nestled conspicuously in between. It was too early for the Chipotle Mexican Grill to open, so many questions came to mind:

  1. How long had the avocado been there? As this was early morning, had it been there overnight?
  2. How many people had politely stepped around the avocado, not wanting to stir its emotions?
  3. How was it possible, with people glued to their phones and not watching where they are going, that this lonely avocado had not been kicked aside or worse yet, stepped on?
  4. Did the avocado fall from a delivery box containing its brethren?
  5. Did it fall precariously from a shopper’s bag as they hustled home, and if so, how ironic for it to land where it had!
  6. What was I to do? Why had it caught my eye and caused such a pause in my morning pursuit?

On the busy, bustling sidewalk, I  quickly looked around. I peeked in the window of the restaurant. In the back, I saw a light in the kitchen with one chef likely preparing for the day. Dare I pick up the avocado and knock? Would that be ever so strange? What exactly would I say?

Pardon the interruption, sir. Yes, I know you’re not yet open… I think this might be your avocado? (As the exposed green goodness would likely be gliding out all over my hand!)

On the busy, bustling, dirty sidewalk, I stood. For just a minute, I’m sure. Maybe two. I couldn’t just ignore the avocado. I picked it up, wrapped it ever so gently in a piece of tissue, and brought it home to it’s final resting place: the compost bin.

And there, on that busy, bustling, dirty and dingy sidewalk I proudly did a random act of avocado for the day.



10 thoughts on “A Random Act of Avocado

  1. I enjoyed your avocado slice :). Genuine small moment, revealing so much about you!
    Did you notice that another March writer was inspired by your avocado, and wrote about a chandelier she found in the gutter? All too funny. I’ll have to be on the lookout.

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  2. So happy I clicked on your site! This post made me smile. I loved the list of pondering questions and how you gently wrapped that avocado and took it home to the compost so that it will not suffer the indignity of being trampled on that soon to be busy street.


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