Why, Oh Why?

It’s time for today’s wonderings. Some snarky (apologies in advance) and some true wonderings (they may be snarky too, but I warned you).

•Why do younger men call each other dude every five seconds in conversation  utterances back and forth? Grunt?

•Why do people choose not to recycle when recycling is available right next to the trash can?

•Why do people continue cell phone conversations at the check out?

•Why do we still have pennies in our currency?

•When is the MAGA hat bonfire? Where?

These are just a few of the ramblings I wondered about today. Not very intellectual, I’ll be the first to admit, but nevertheless, I’m wondering…





5 thoughts on “Why, Oh Why?

  1. I just have to say I loved your girl scout cookie post way back at the beginning of this! One of my favorite and most memorable blog posts. Interesting to read your wonderings today. Do let me know when and where the MAGA hat bonfire is!

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