Holy Handrail!

Recently we installed a handrail going down into the basement of our home. It was something that needed to be done to satisfy a code requirement so that a proper appraisal could be done on our property.

I usually shy away from home projects that require tape measures and tools…which is about 99% of them. I’m not proud of this, but it is what it is. I would rather do just about anything else in the whole wide world. I’m not kidding. Pick up dog poop in the yard? Yes. Clean toilets? Yes. Wash windows? Yes.

I always join in on the home projects (not without eye rolls and secret talks with myself) because it’s a team effort and I do appreciate the outcome. I decided, though, that this handrail project would be something I would “take the lead on” as it could possibly win me some spousal points.

First, I hit the good ol’ YouTube. After watching a few videos, I was certain it was going to be easy.

After two Home Depot runs, I was more than over it. But I persisted. I should have created a hashtag: #keithkeepsgoingondreadfulhomeproject

I painted the handrail (twice). I got the tape measure. I got the tools. I rewatched the YouTube video(s).

The thing about how-to videos is that the time it takes the professional is not equal to the time it takes the novice. And I feel that is a grave injustice.

Needless to say, the first attempt was frustrating.

I watched the video(s) again.

Upon returning (#keithkeepsgoingondreadfulhomeproject) to what was quickly about to become a crime scene (either I was just going to end it all and fall down the stairs or Rick was going to push me) I admitted I needed help. More help than the blasted video with the smiling dude could give.

Another thing about me: I hate asking for help.

So there we were…at the top of the stairs. The extension cord for the drill was taunting me. The holes from the first attempt were like badges of dishonor causing irritation and embarrassment wrapped into one. Yes, the holes would need to be filled and painted over–another project!

Feel like this story is taking forever? Now you know how I felt with the handrail installation!

In the end, we got it done. Together.

And each time I go to the basement, I use the holy handrail.

I’m glad my life didn’t end on those stairs that horrible day.


4 thoughts on “Holy Handrail!

  1. I love your line, ” And I feel that is a grave injustice.” as I suffer from being super slow with tools. It is not fair that my handyman can bolt the safety rails in under a minute and I spent maybe 20 minutes re-installing them after I painted the room.
    And I’m glad you asked for help. You kept a tone of humor going, but I still felt your pain. 🙂

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  2. I realize that this was not an enjoyable experience for you, but it was a very enjoyable slice to read! So that’s something? Thank you for sharing! There were several parts that had me smiling including your hashtag and “And I feel that is a grave injustice.”

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