Today’s Problem

I’m not proud to admit this, but today a trash can liner put me in a very sour mood. For longer than I’d like to tell you.

I know. There are way worse problems to have in the world and I’m pretty fortunate to even have a trash can, much less a liner. I know.

I get all that, and yet here I sit irritated by the newly opened box of trash bags. We must have somehow missed the label in the bottom corner: scented with Febreze® Fresh Clean.

All I can think about is how we have 34 of these odious suckers to get through before we can buy a new box without the scent.

The scent is not easy to ignore as the trash can sits not far from the dining room table which doubles as a desk here in our small little kitchen. I almost want to clean out the refrigerator. Surely there must be some overripe fruit or molding vegetables or cheese to throw away and counter the fresh clean smell. Put it to work.

Maybe I could just set the trash can outside. But that’s not convenient.

Maybe I could snap out of it and count my blessings. But that hasn’t worked thus far.

Maybe I could donate them to a thrift store and get a new box. But then I’d be bringing the smell into my car.

Maybe I could use a few to bag up some yard debris. But that would mean we’d be buddies while I’m stuffing it full. And I’d bring my bad mood outside.

Maybe I could gift them to the new neighbors next door. Welcome! Here’s an opened box of trash bags for you… but then I’d be that weird neighbor.

Come to think of it, I’m not big on scented anything. Detergents. Cheese. Perfumes. Colognes. Farts.

I need to snap out of it. I thought writing this all down would help.

It hasn’t.

The smell has gotten worse because I’m perseverating on it, so I must end here.

How can something so fresh smell so foul?












5 thoughts on “Today’s Problem

  1. Right, they have that sort of sickly-sweet artificial smell. Who needs it? Ugh.

    Have so enjoyed reading your writing throughout the month, Keith, and I hope to connect more through writing via Tuesday slices or other of your postings.

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