Story Time


We live and breathe them every single day. Sometimes, a good ol’ fashioned made up story can bring out the belly laughs, snorts, and downright silliness from kindergarteners.

Yesterday, I never would have imagined a story, pulled out of my sleeve, would capture such rapt attention from my students and cause them to still be talking about it today.

It had to do with a french fry named “Falama” and how he lost his best friend ketchup, A.K.A. “Kasaka.” Falama went searching everywhere for Kasaka and finally found him in the refrigerator. Of all places! Falama was so excited to find and be reunited with Kasaka that he squeezed him over and over again, harder and harder, until Kasaka ended up squirting himself all over the plate! This made Falama even more excited—and as a result, he dipped his french fry self into his friend and…ATE HIM! Of course, what’s a story without some burps….so, just when Falama was becoming saddened by the realization that he had actually ate his friend, he suddenly heard Kasaka (who was in his tummy) screaming to be rescued! He burped him out at once! And of course they lived happily ever after.

What’s fun about stories with five and six-year olds is that they can be as ridiculous as this one clearly was. BUT, the best part is that they were inspired…and with that inspiration, they are growing some ideas for stories of their own to tell their classmates.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll think of Falama and Kasaka the next time they eat some french fries.

I won’t hold my breath for the pulitzer prize with this one.

And thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. I love it! About ten years ago a student told me the best part of the year so far was when I told the story about the trash can talking to the messy used yogurt cup. I didn’t even remember telling the story, but she retold part of it to me and reminded me how the whole fourth grade class was rolling that day. I guess the kids love when we make up ridiculous stories. Kudos to you and your imagination!

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  2. The little people can be an appreciative audience if you can relinquish your hold on being serious. What fun you guys must have together! Love the idea of food talking, and truly, the perspective switch option may fuel their writing lives forever.

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