The Doll In The Oven


On Sunday mornings

she takes her shoes off

and pulls out the princess dresses

while her unicorn sleeps at home

On Sunday mornings

she sneaks around the playroom

looking for things that don’t belong

-a princess has to be tidy-

On Sunday mornings

she repeats phrases from a repertoire

she holds like magic in her pocket

while searching for her Elizabeth, her doll

On Sunday mornings

she prances around

finding things that are out of place

and squeals with delight to say: that doesn’t go in there!

On Sunday mornings

she finds her doll

in the wildest and funniest of places:

the little play oven.

Elizabeth doesn’t belong in there.



14 thoughts on “The Doll In The Oven

  1. The princess found the princess! I can see the prancing in your words. Is it naughty of me to say the doll in the oven reminds me of Sylvia Plath?


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