Lessons From A Cockatoo


One of our cockatoos, Xachi, loves to strut his independent personality every chance he gets.  I was reminded of this over the weekend as I took him outside to play in the outdoor flight.  When the time comes, he flies down to the bottom of his cage, waits for the door to open and must do a combo half fly, half walk out to the flight.  Orange crest up high, he prances his way to his outdoor playground.  Sometimes, just to show he’s boss, he sashays around the flight once or twice before walking in–without a care in the world.  I call him Mr. Independent.  He’d rather do it his way than have me pick him up.

I always enjoy the show Xachi puts on each and every time we head outdoors.  He has his ways, I have mine.  It’s a little dance we do.  A cockatoo dance.

As I watched him strut his stuff on that early spring afternoon, I thought about what Mr. Independent has taught me:

*To be patient.

*To honor the process that one goes about getting to his destination.

*The importance of enjoying the journey–every single step.

*To have your goal in mind, while enjoying the ride.

*That sometimes you can spread your wings and fly, and sometimes you have to slow down.

Thanks, Mr. Independent.

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