It was the end of  a wretched day, one where everything had seemed to fall out of place.  Couldn’t find my favorite pen.  Forgot to turn the dishwasher on last night before bed.  Put the sugar in the coffee pot instead of the coffee.  Traffic.  Forgot to pack a much-needed book for work.  I had to get gas in the car at the last minute.  And the list went on and on.  I become so wired in my routines and rituals that when they go awry, it is a slippery slope.

Once home, I convinced myself that I would do the right thing and rather than eat the lemon poppy seed pound cake that Rick had so thoughtfully made, I would go to the gym instead. I had a choice to make: I could  chew my troubles away, or go work out.  I decided to put a spin on my attitude (it really wasn’t that bad of a day) and do something that would feel good for myself.

Well, that didn’t last long. At the gym, I’m reminded as I walk in how out of place I feel.  I can’t help but admire the men and women who work so hard on achieving their fitness goals. It shows.  I get  lost in thoughts–“I’ll never look like that.” “If only I could have that willpower, dedication, and determination.”  As I head to the dumbbells to start my routine (which could be part of the problem), I almost collide with a twenty-something Adonis.  He speaks first: “excuse me sir,”  he says.  Sir.  It rings in my ears as I slowly lift the weight for my first set.

Rep one: Sir!

Rep Two: Sir

Rep Three: Sir!!

Rep Four: Sir.

Rep Five: SIR!!!!!!!!

Rep Six:  “Ha. No problem, son”.

Rep Seven: So now I’m a sir.

Rep Eight: Sir Keith.

Rep Nine: Focus–he was just being polite.

Rep Ten:  I’m over it.

I get a drink of water and head for my next exercise on the other side of the gym, away from Adonis.

I start my next set:

Rep One: Wait a minute, am I an elder?

I’ve reached that age that I never thought I would…where people look at me and see me as older than. I remember when I looked at forty-somethings and thought the same.   Wasn’t that just yesterday?

I regained my focus.  I came home and still resisted the lemon poppy seed pound cake.  As I get ready for bed at 8:15, I think I’m pretty lucky. I’ve  got years on Adonis.  And some wisdom.

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