13 thoughts on “Spring Blizzard

  1. I’m in Denver too. I’m watching the huge trees in my backyard and am pretty sure their backs are getting really sore! Last Mother’s Day, I lost a giant branch on a giant tree in my backyard, and didn’t have power for several days, or internet for almost two weeks. Hoping that won’t happen again! Yikes!

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  2. I grew up in Aurora. Ah, the unpredictability of snow and blizzards in Denver! I remember it well. I have seen my school friends posting about the snow. Hoping my grandparents are safe and snug away from the weather. Love the poem!

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  3. When I saw your tagline I had to read your blog! I am from Denver! Oh how I miss home. My birthday is May 9 and I remember so many birthdays with snow. I think that the weather patterns have changed quite a bit though because the last time I was home I couldn’t imagine living without air condition… it was so darn hot!

    My fav line: Sweet Maple.

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  4. Those are magnificent clouds of cotton! Your slice today was provided by mother nature, but you told her tale well. When I saw the picture, I said OMG! So thankful that is not in my world. There would be no peaches for me, for sure.

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  5. I like the ambiguity of “hold on”. Certainly, the Sweet Maple. After thought, winter. After thought, maybe the people waiting for spring. I like the interplay between the beauty and the burden of a blizzard! Beautiful language throughout!

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