Stolen Heart

Maria Depalmelario* had my little seven year old heart from the minute I found out she had 7 brothers and sisters.  Little did I know that was only the beginning of Maria’s “coolness.”  Not only was her last name fun to say over and over again,but she also had a mom whose first name was Karola (pronounced like the Toyota Corolla). I couldn’t get past how cool it must be to have the namesake of a car!  As little seven year olds often do, I perseverated on this to the point where I made myself believe that her mom actually drove a Toyota Corolla.  (How did all those brothers and sisters ever decide who got to sit in the front seat of Karola’s Corolla?)

As Maria and I passed together through grade after grade, I grew to love her even more-as only I knew love to be:

-She kept her desk nice and organized:  swoon!

-She always wore, without fail, the prettiest bows in her hair to spice up her dull uniform dress: meow!

-She sometimes stayed after school with me until my mom picked us up and gave Maria a ride home: wink! wink!

At some point, I lost interest in Maria.  Years passed, we grew up and went our separate ways. I doubt she even remembers my name.   The memories for me, however, came flooding back when I recently saw her mom from a distance at Panera Bread.

I was dying inside to run up and ask her if she still had the Corolla.

*Not actual last name, but close.

One thought on “Stolen Heart

  1. Haha. My brother’s first prom date was a girl named Carolla. I’m not sure how she spelled it. But it was 1959 and she was so pretty. I don’t think my parents approved. But I was only 4 – what did I know? Wow – the memories a post can bring.


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