The World Needs More…

I suppose it could be the snow that’s been lurking around for more than a week now.  I suppose it could be the series of horrible news stories that spatter the internet faster than the flakes flutter to the ground.  I suppose it could be my mind feeling a bit overwhelmed with stories that seem to contradict what I know this world is supposed to be about: kindness.

Earlier this week, while tweeting with some of my fellow educators, I was asked to ponder:  what do you do when the demands and stressors of teaching take hold of your emotions and threaten the happiness in your work?  Great question—as that happens to all of us.  We get caught in the snowstorm and forget how to warm ourselves back up.

My answer is simple:  I go to kindergarten.

It’s impossible to  pop into a kindergarten classroom (or any classroom for that matter) and not smile immediately.  In every kindergarten classroom awaits a kindergartener ready to give you perspective on life.  I suppose it’s their innocence.  I suppose it’s their honesty.  I suppose it’s their take on the world that brings me back to reality…in 60 seconds or less.

The world needs more kindergarten.  It’s that simple.  After all, kind lives in kindergarten. 

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