Dirty Eyeglasses

Can you see through the smudges?

The sweat, the tears, the joy, the fret.

The toil of decision

after decision

after decision.

Do you see the labor of love as a little eyelash hangs on for dear life while the child reads a letter to his mommy out loud?

His classmates’ ears standing at attention

And a tear slowly rolls down his pudgy cheek

leaving a trail through dust

-gathered for days-

Der Mome,

Can I pleaz hav my dadee back? I mis him so much.

As he reads

-His heart on paper-

Another child punches the wall in the back

We feel his heart pounding and shredding

While we dodge Crayola markers flying through the air like burnt embers





The lesson must go on.

Did you know I slipped on those spectacles

Last night

At three in the morning

When all that was left in the bed was a twisted pillow

and a wondering of what would happen next?

“Our kids”

is a phrase

Thrown around and around and around


The smudges

on my spectacles

Tell a different kind of story



3 thoughts on “Dirty Eyeglasses

  1. This slice is powerful – your choice of verbs helps the reader feel what is occurring.
    I particularly love this phrase & use of simile “While we dodge Crayola markers flying through the air like burnt embers.”


  2. Such a heart-breaking day. Non-teachers do not always realize what the toll is just from getting up and going back in day after day after day. You clearly care intensely for “your kids.” Keep fighting the good fight!

    Liked by 1 person

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