I Didn’t Know An Ear Could Do That!

One of my kindergarten students is the youngest of 8 children and has a heart of laughter. He is a dancer, a jokester, a singer, and above all, a pure joy. And if that weren’t enough, he has a talent that brings the oohs and awes from his in pals in kindergarten– and I”ll admit me, too.

When Isaiah (not his real name) feels like the class needs a laugh (or his teacher needs to lose his train of thought) he carefully folds the top part of his ear and neatly tucks it to fit inside the rest of his ear! And it stays! Often this gift of ear flexibility is showcased when  least expected.

Today, as I met with his mom, we had a good laugh about his ear flexibility. It seems that this boy’s ears are fodder for his siblings’ entertainment, too. “They’re always playing with his ears!” Mom reported.

At precisely 12:43 today, Isaiah saved the day with his ear antics. As the class struggled to find a solution to a problem many of our friends were having with a social issue, Isaiah reminded us that laughter can overcome. He folded his ear, stood up, and said “c’mon guys!” and proceeded to do a little dance for us all. Out of the blue.

And the problem? It flew out the window into the warm spring air– never to be seen again for the rest of the day.

And that there is a talent worth hanging on to!

Thanks, Isaiah.



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