Real World Problems, Kindergarten Style!

The time is ticking away on spring break…and Monday morning will be here sooner than I’d like for it to be! I’m sure once I’m back in the classroom with all those smiles, I’ll feel full again.

As I prepare for the upcoming week, I’ve been reflecting on my students’ writing and as promised in this post, I’m going to share here with you some of the problems my kindergarteners see in their world.  Hang on tight!

IMG_2098 2

“I want more time on the phone.” 

Mad props to Julians’s revision skills here. Using strikethroughs like a true writer! Gotta love how the phone just might be too big for his hands. He could easily set it nicely in his lap, though!


“You see a paper on the floor, you pick it up.”

Rosy has the right idea for our world. She thinks there is too much litter in places there shouldn’t be. If only we could all be this happy picking up trash!


“You have to get the beach trash because [the] beach [will be] dirty.

Seojin here is almost being swallowed by that wave because he was intent on picking up the trash on the beach. Dirty humans.

IMG_2095 2.jpeg

“When I was in the shower I saw a spider…I picked her up with a napkin [and] put her in the trash.”

Well this is Marwan, the little shyster who challenged, and beat me, in a race outside! I mean, what else is one to do with a spider you find in the shower? Ew. Good thinking, there, buddy!

Through the eyes of five and six year olds! It’s a starting point…and we’ll continue to push our thinking this week.




5 thoughts on “Real World Problems, Kindergarten Style!

  1. I feel really comfortable leaving the world in these hands. Well, maybe with the exception of the spider squisher. But he has already demonstrated he has other talents so we will let this pass.

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