I’ll Pass on the Passwords, Please.

Here’s a story. A true story that is happening more often than I’d like to admit.

Maybe you can relate…

I receive notice in my email box reminding me that such and such amount is due on this, that or another bill by such and such a date which is right around the corner. Maybe it is for water, electric or phone…they all blur together when it’s not something you really want to pay, but something you need to pay. Wants vs. needs, people. Simple kindergarten lesson! No one in this house likes to be thirsty, cold, or lonely…so, the inevitable next step is to log on and pay the bill. Easy. Right? Simple kindergarten lesson, again.

And once the website to pay is found, (of course that’s easy!), the next step is to enter a username.


And then a password.

And then the self-talk begins….

I know the password. I got this. Keith, you can remember it. 

Wait, is this the one I told myself I’d surely not forget if I started said password with a capital letter? Yes! I’m so clever. Here goes.

Z29#……fuckety-fuck!.….01……yes that’s it!






-Invalid username or password-

Well, which is it? Why can’t you just tell me which one it is? Why is this a game?

Self talk begins again. Ok. That’s got to be the right username, I never change that. It’s the password, for sure.

Z29#home01darknight…oh yeah, I remember there’s a ‘2’ at the end of darknight…

Z29#home01darknight…2 !!!!

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate…Keith you aren’t losing it like you think you are!

Deep Breath


-Invalid username or password-

Ok, I’ll reset the password and remember it next month. I’ll use that app everyone recommends or just flippin’ write it down in that one little notebook. Where is that notebook? I’ll find it later. Just pay the bill and you’ll remember it next month.

-Next month comes-

-Invalid username or password-













9 thoughts on “I’ll Pass on the Passwords, Please.

  1. One would think that I’d take a few simple steps to make this whole username and password debacle work. But I do this exact same damn thing as you. Different configurations, endless guessing, heavy drinking…


  2. It’s so crazy. All of us – with the passwords. You think you remember it, you’re sure this time, and then it’s not. Such an absurd frustration, and yet it’s so a part of our human condition. Funny post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. can totally relate!! And of course it is hard to use the same password because they all have different criteria!! 12 characters long, 2 capital letters, 5 numbers and 3 other characters!!!
    Glad you figured it out and hope you remember it next month!!
    great, funny slice!

    Liked by 1 person

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