Kibble In The Night

Murphy is a Maltese-Poodle mix, a Maltipoo. He came into our lives about twelve years ago and has the absolute best personality.

He’s grumpy. He’s hyper. He’s snuggly.

Murphy is also very food motivated. He basically has food issues…much like someone else that lives in the house! He likes to play with his kibble in extremely odd, yet hilarious ways.

Murphy has rules about his food. If he could write, he most likely would post his regulations right next to his dog bowl. He would demand compliance and growl if a human or other dog failed to meet these minimum requirements:

  1. I eat when you sit down on the couch. I will not eat if you are not sitting on the couch watching me.
  2. If my bowl has just a bit of food left, I will stare at you and follow you around until you get up and fill my bowl. I may bark at you to make my point understood.
  3. If I take a piece of kibble out of my bowl and leave it in another part of the house, you may not touch it. I will watch your every move if you should dare try to go near the kibble I have saved for later.
  4. If you have been extra kind to me, I will put on a show for you with my food. This entails you watching me-of course-while I toss a piece of food up in the air, catch it, drop it, and do it all over again.
  5. See rule number three again.

Last night, Murphy tired himself out with his food antics. Exhausted, he fell asleep on the couch after carefully leaving precisely six pieces of  kibble near his water bowl. When I awoke in the middle of the night to get a drink of water for myself, Murphy opened one eye from his comfy lair. Before I could even think about passing his water bowl on my way to the sink, he jumped down to guard his six nuggets of goodness. He watched my every move.

I shrugged as I wearily made my way back to the bedroom. “I’m not going to eat your food, boy,” I sleepily muttered. And with that, he jumped back up on the couch and undoubtedly returned to his dog dreams. Kibble dreams, I bet!



6 thoughts on “Kibble In The Night

  1. What a character! Murphy’s rules are so funny. I have never had a dog leave food in their dish- my dogs are always like vacuum cleaners, sucking it up immediately!

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