The Doula and the Ding

On Monday morning, I received an early text from my dear sister, Karla. She was beating herself up because she had backed into another car at the grocery store the day before. I could tell it was weighing heavily on her thoughts. There’s just nothing fun about being in a car mishap with another driver. But there is something fun about telling a story via text messages! (Especially if you aren’t the one in the mishap!)

After she told me the basics, I just couldn’t help but laugh as I later reread our text message exchange:

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 6.00.02 PM.png

A “doula” is what Karla was trying to type in those early morning hours and the autocorrect was not working in her favor. However, imagining Karla in a grocery store parking lot hugging a doula after she hit her car still makes me smile.

Maybe it’s because they hugged.

I’m no authority on this, but I’m pretty sure most drivers in accidents (especially minor fender benders in parking lots) don’t hug it out. I bet statistics (if there are any) would show the majority of  people exchange other less-friendly modes of communication.

Later, in our continued texting conversation, I tried to understand what had happened to my sister’s car, but if someone else ran across this part of the text exchange, they might be confused in a BIG way:

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 6.02.24 PM

I often like to think of what happens after things happen. The things you don’t see. What people do in private. So, I couldn’t help but wonder…what did the doula do after she left the mishap in the parking lot? Did she tell this story in a text to someone in her life too? What might her string of texts looked like?

Did she talk about her ding?

Send a picture to someone?

Is anyone else seeing the funny in this?




4 thoughts on “The Doula and the Ding

  1. One should never ask another about the size of their ding, Keith. Haven’t you learned anything?
    Wow, I laughed reading this. And learned what a doula is. I had no idea. I figured it was an acronym, possibly derogatory. I know better now.

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  2. This is so funny! Of course, I had to visit this post after seeing the title on the link up! I feel like this could be the title of a future romance novel. 🙂 Texting stories is a modern day wonder, isn’t it? ! And yes, it’s amusing to think about the experiences of the other person! Love this slice!

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