Superhero Speed

Yesterday I was basically TOLD by a kindergartner to bring my tennis shoes. For today was to be race day. He and I. It was going down in the books.

And so today happened. As a blizzard is predicted for tomorrow, I took the class outside towards the end of the day for some extra play time. I have a hunch they’ll be stuck inside tomorrow, school or no school.

And I had an epic plan. A trick up my sleeve, so to speak. Tennis shoes on, we headed out to the grassy field next to the playground. Just the act alone of putting on my tennis shoes brought on the giggles–one of the joys of teaching this age. My plan to challenge “M”  to his long anticipated race was upon us, and the kids were ready to cheer by the sidelines.

My plan: to tire him out a bit by having them play a game of chase with one another before the race.

“How about you all chase (insert student name). Go on now.”

“Hey ‘M’, if you can’t catch ‘X’, you surely wont be able to catch me.”


And off they went. Everyone except “M”. He had an idea what I was up to. He’s got the smarts, I tell you. He hung around by the sidelines. Looking me up and down. I felt like we were about to have a country and western movie-type showdown. Where does he learn this stuff? 

As the OTHER kids wore themselves out, “M” sauntered over. “Let’s do this,” he said. (!)

And we settled on the starting and stopping point.

And the class counted down.

And I gave it all I had.

Five-year old legs are pretty darn fast.

Epic plans. Big fail.

This one went down in the books. “M’s” books.



5 thoughts on “Superhero Speed

  1. I loved this story yesterday and I just had to come back to see what the outcome was today. (Thanks for not disappointing!) What an epic day for five year olds, especially the smart and sassy ones! I’m glad you brought your shoes today and I’m sorry you lost, but I’m so happy for that little guy! Imagine the tales he told anyone who’d listen afterwards! That moment will live on forever.

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