You Got Tennis Shoes?

One of the boys in my kindergarten class has all the sass.

He watches my every move and catches every mistake I make–which in any given day is more than he can count in his young six years of life. He has figured out how to read the plans for the day in my notebook and likes to divulge the details to his classmates when my back is turned. He’s got game and he knows it.

At recess today, after sizing me up a few times, I knew he was up to something. And it didn’t take long to find out. He strolls over, stands by my side, and I wait. Any minute now, he’s going to bring out his sass.

And he didn’t disappoint. He looks down at my old brown shoes, dusty for days from walking in the playground pebble and then looks up at me, shielding his eyes from the bright afternoon sun.

“You got tennis shoes?” he asks.

“Why yes, I do have a pair at home. Why?”

“Why you not wear them?”

“Why should I?”

(Here it comes…)

“You bring them tomorrow? Let’s race.”

“Oh no. I already know I’m faster than you. I may look old, but I’ve got speed like a super hero.”

“You bring them tomorrow. I beat you.”

And with that, he walked away. Hands in pockets with a plan for tomorrow.

Is snow in the forecast?


6 thoughts on “You Got Tennis Shoes?

  1. You have set yourself up, friend. Mr. Sass is going to own you. At least don’t wear your Pilgrim Shoes for the race. That’s what one of the boys called my Timberlands this year. Pilgrim Shoes — uh huh. Last year, “Tims” were all the rage. This year – they’re like 300 years old.

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  2. That’s why teaching keeps us young. Good luck with the race and don’t hold back. Perhaps you could write RACE in your plan book to intimidate him a little. We could all use a bit more sass in our lives. I enjoyed reading a snippet of your day.

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  3. That’s some great sass…the kind that you can enjoy! I’d say he also has a good level of confidence as well! I can’t wait to find out if you really are as fast as a super hero!

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