Farmer’s Market Musings

Last summer, as we strolled through a local farmer’s market with a group of friends, I captured some observations in my writer’s notebook. I had a laugh or two rereading them–especially while it is -1º outside currently- and decided to write some in more detail here.


What draws people to a farmer’s market? Is it the fresh produce, the people watching, or the other things that have nothing to do with farming, yet pop up anyway? (Pillows for sale next to arugula??!?) Maybe the combination of all the above. Surely, the heat on a Colorado summer day didn’t keep people away.

Pastries. Lots of pastries. Macaroon cookies for $2.50 each. And with my sweet tooth, I  could definitely eat two of them in one bite…they were that small. But people were buying them. By the dozens. $30.00 for 12 macaroons that will likely be gone in thirty seconds–again, if you were me. $30.00 is a tank of gas. Or 12 macaroons. Think about the mileage you could get with both…

I didn’t buy any.

We saw two dogs get in a scary fight and a child in a stroller only inches away. (!)

Cherries were popular at many of the stands and they all had different prices. At one place the little red juicy spheres were selling for $5.00 per pound (!), and at another stand, a Solo® cup full sold for $3.00. Skipped the cherries.

Thought about the cookies.

Some people go all out at the market. They have special baskets and/or bags they carry along to tote their purchases. Some people look as if they have painted their toenails special for the event; flip-flops and sandals are the norm. Some people shouldn’t wear flip flops or sandals at public events-in my humble opinion. There’s just an extremely fine line between those who take care of their feet and those who don’t. I don’t want to be around a bunch of organic produce and then see organic toenails. No thank you. Trim those puppies. Shave off some of that dead skin. Moisturize. Perhaps there should be a stand for that at this year’s market?

So there you have it. While we whittle away the last days of winter and look forward to spring, start prepping those feet. Find those special bags that have been hiding in your closet and dust off the flip flops. Pull out the recipes you’ve been hankering to try with all the fresh produce on it’s way.

The farmers are planning. Are you?







4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Musings

  1. This made me chuckle! I will paint my toenails before heading to the farmers market, for sure. I love farmer’s markets! mostly because ours sometimes has goats there, and goats are my favorite. I love to get goat cheese and fresh blueberries. Ah, I am so ready for this weather and time of year. I can’t wait! Thanks for getting me ready and excited! 🙂

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  2. OMG! I can’t wait wait wait for the farmers’ markets! There is nothing better than a good old farmers’ market. I always tell myself that I am going to buy every single thing at the farmer’s market every weekend, but then I’m pinched for time and just get what is convenient at Stop and Shop. Although I’m super excited about the farmers’ markets and flip flops, I have a new pair of boots coming my way and I need to appreciate wearing them for another month!

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