New Friends Aren’t Always Friendly

She arrived in the early morning and immediately got on my last nerve. She was looking for friendship, but I was not in the mood. Regardless of my wishes, she hung out with me anyway, pestering and persistent.  With every little move I made, she popped up to vie for my attention. It became utterly exhausting. When I’d get a little moment of relief, a moment of peace, she’d remind me of her presence. It was time to tell her to buzz off.

I went to the bathroom, thinking she’d get a clue as to my need for solitude. But with no shame in her game, she chose to tag along.

So it was then, right there on the throne, that I decided she must go.  Once and for all. I’d had enough– and with this unbelievable intrusion, she’d obviously taken it too far.  As sly as could be, I opened the drawer and pulled out my weapon. With one deep breath and a little wince knowing the pain to come, I gave her a little clip.

May you rest in peace, obnoxious hangnail.

We said our final goodbyes with a flush.



12 thoughts on “New Friends Aren’t Always Friendly

  1. My thought was that it was an annoying fly that was buzzing around you and smack it was gone. Very clever! You kept your audience guessing! But I’m curious, why did you assign the annoying hangnail a female gender? 🙂

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    • Well, it was a tough decision! I Googled hangnail and came across a bit of information I didn’t know: a hangnail is also referred to as a “stepmother’s blessing”. This cracked me up and “she” seemed the appropriate gender. Happy Sunday!

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  2. That’s so cool. You took something as annoying and as common as a hangnail and you made art from it. My first thought was a puppy, too,

    “So it was then, right there on the throne, that I decided she must go.” had me worried for a few seconds!

    Love the last line especially. Well done!


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