Move over, Trump.

There’s a new candidate in the race to the top.

His name?   Integrity.

And he doesn’t caucus, he doesn’t do political ads and he doesn’t have any interest in raising money to spew words that are clothed in rhetoric to gain votes.

Integrity goes to classrooms across the country to get his votes.  And not wealthy white classrooms.  He finds he keeps himself in check when he is rallying his troops in the classrooms that reflect the heart of this nation; classrooms full of children that represent the colors of America.  In fact, Integrity is particularly fond of preschools and kindergartens. He thinks of children and the messages he wants them to hear and the people he wants them to grow up to be.  He answers their questions and if something doesn’t make sense, he reflects and rethinks.  He changes and challenges his own positions on things that kids say.  Imagine that.

Integrity goes to sleep at night thinking of which read aloud he’ll do the next day for the nation.  He believes that the world would be a better place if every child and adult had to listen, reflect and talk-yes, talk (real talk, not digital talk), for at least ten minutes about the message in the book and how to carry it forth in their day.  That’s a new kind of  pledge of allegiance right there.

Integrity is kind.  He values all humanity.  He chooses his words knowing that his voters, the kids who can’t vote yet, are listening.

I vote for Integrity, 2016.


7 thoughts on “Move over, Trump.

  1. If only Integrity would run . . . sigh. 😦 I’m so nauseated by the options before us in this election. I love the idea that we have a national read aloud and we talk about carrying the message into our day.
    Thanks for your kind words on my post today, however, I do need to mention something. You, my friend, are not a budding writer, you are a blooming great one who creates words I look forward to reading each day. Thank you for your words and stories.

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