Hashtag #Harry


He was a hashtag.

We’ll call him Harry.

A simple symbol longing for the oh-so-simple days


He got used

here and there

but now

                     he’s #everywhere









11 thoughts on “Hashtag #Harry

  1. I #love this poem! Maybe I’m too old to appreciate the hashtag. I don’t know but I agree that it’s overused and over worked and Harry should really just get a break. Whatever happened to just saying what you wanted to say? Why do we need to give it a hashtag? Great point made in good fun today. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love this poem! I’m part of the twitter generation, but I still remember the days when #hashtag Harry was the simple pound sign on the phone. Hashtags never seemed to click with me the way they do for others…I’d much rather just say what I mean, instead of attaching a one-word generalization to everything!


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