That Itty Bitty Blade of Grass

Here in Denver, Colorado we’ve been blessed with a warm spell for the last couple of weeks.  So warm and mild that blades of fresh green grass are popping up in the nooks and crannies of the bricks that border our flower garden. Just like gray hairs, these signs of spring pop up in the most unusual of places.

These signs push me to see opportunity.  Opportunity where there used to be darkness.  Opportunity to grow.  I love those three simple words:  opportunity to grow.

In classrooms today, it seems that sometimes we forget to see those itty bitty blades of grass poking through in the most unusual of places.  But they do push through–we just have to be watching for them.  No standardized test is going to show those blades of grass; we have to wait patiently for them to appear in our day to day observations. When we see everything as opportunity, we allow ourselves to see growth.

Be on the lookout.  And when you see that itty bitty blade of grass poke through, celebrate.

2 thoughts on “That Itty Bitty Blade of Grass

  1. Your post was very inspiring! Thanks! I love the part where you compared the blades of grass popping through unexpectedly to gray hairs. So true!
    I just need to look through the testing crud to find those blades of grass!


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