Murphy waits

Watches my every move

Patiently his eyes follow me back and forth

Back and Forth

To the kitchen table

To the  dishwasher

To the trashcan

To the bedroom, and  back again

Back and Forth

To take out the recycling

To find my book

To refill the water bowl

Back and Forth




To the couch I go

-dog heaven-

Ears perk up to the ceiling

His eyes droop as a yawn grows big and wide

He crawls into my lap


Lapdog love

For us both

3 thoughts on “lapdog

  1. Dogs are such good companions. It sounds like Murphy was hoping you’d sit down so he could join you. This line, “patiently his eyes follow me back and forth,” really helped me to see Murphy knew what was coming. He’d watch and wait for his moment.


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