Keith’s Random Organizing Tips (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!)

If you are in need of a free organizing tip or two, look no further.  Here I offer 10 tips to keep your life neat and tidy.

1.  Need motivation?  Go to the office supply store or your nearest hot spot for organizational supplies.  Nothing like a new product or gizmo to get you in the spirit.

2.  Don’t know where to begin at the office supply store? Go directly to the Post-It brand section where you’ll find a Post-It Note product ready to meet your organizational needs (feel free to choose the amount of stickiness you prefer, size, and color).

3.  Nothing works better on said Post-It Note product than a brand new Sharpie Fine Point marker (you can choose the color and I guess I’ll let you choose your preferred thickness…but since this is my tip, I highly recommend the fine point).

4.  Once home from the office supply store, immediately start organizing with your new stuff before you:

a) forget what it is you bought the product(s) for


b) lose interest completely–which may lead you to the mess of later organizing your new organzing stuff

5.  Make piles.  They will make you feel productive even if you do nothing with them.

6.  Find one place in your organizational nightmare that you’ll just ignore completely for now. I give you permission.

7.  When you run across something that you don’t know where to put, read #6 and put it there. Bam! You just organized it!

8.  Take a few minutes here and there to reward yourself for:

a) getting started


b) successfully completing #5

9.  Running out of steam?  Just throw it away.  Seriously.  If you are thinking about it too hard, you either don’t need it or will never use it.  This is what my mom always tells me.

10.  Don’t sit down while organizing.  This enables you to get lost in the work you are trying to complete.  I once found an old journal and two hours later had nothing organized.  Some people prefer to set a kitchen timer and work in 15 minute intervals.  An extra tip:  leave the timer in another room which will give you some extra steps on your fitbit…which will lead to a greater feeling of satisfaction for your organizational success!

Thank me later.  Now get to work.

3 thoughts on “Keith’s Random Organizing Tips (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!)

  1. Love this! People at school always comment that I’m so organized, but if they look closely in my office, they will find that it is a veneer of organization. And this veneer gets thinner and thinner with each passing month of the school year. By June, I’ve completely lost it.


  2. #5 speaks to me as my husband will attest. I tend to clean up by making lots of piles. For some reason, it just looks better if it is nicely stacked, until the pile falls over! Thanks for the chuckle!


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